Easy payments and reconciliation for all the groups you organize in life.

Collect more money 3x faster without hassle, and manage it solo or together.

Start collecting money in minutes

Let's be real: tracking payments for groups is hard. Enter Nobuk Collect, a new tool to help you,
the ones who manage funds, collect money without hassle to make something happen.
With us, it's now as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Choose the type of collection and add details to it, set your target (or not) for the collection and choose where you want the money to go (Bank,Paybill,or Till) and thats it, you have created your first collection.
Share the payment link or USSD wherever you are already in touch with your group - WhatsApp, Facebook, Tiktok, Zoom - simply share the link for them to pay.
Watch the money roll in - your friends and family don't even need to download an app to pay. Once they receive the link, they can pay with mobile money and cards and download receipts and statements with one click.

How are people using Nobuk Collect?

Every day groups find and use Nobuk Collect in new and creative ways to collect money from
their community. How will you put it to work?

Built for all the different groups you
organize in your life.

Seamless Payments

Create easy-to-share payment links and accept payments from your group without them ever having to download an app or create an account.

Real-time Tracking

Automatically track all payments and share or download the data you need. No more manual spreadsheets or scattered IOUs. No more tracking in a notebook, who’s paid and who owes who.

Automated Reminders

Nobuk Collect takes care of reminders for you. Gentle nudges ensure everyone is aware of their payment obligations.


Access Nobuk Collect’s features.

Small Group

KES 500/month
Your first collection is free for upto 5 users*

  • View report for up to 30 contributors
  • Direct payment link
  • Unlimited general reports
Medium Sized Group

KES 1500/month

  • View report for up to 200 contributors
  • Direct payment link
  • Offline payments with USSD
  • Recurring Payments
  • Unlimited general reports
  • Customizable paylink image
  • Take pledges
Large Group


  • View report for up to 500 contributors
  • Direct payment link
  • Recurring payments
  • Custom USSD code for offline payments
  • Pay via whatsapp
  • Unlimited general reports
  • Customizable paylink image
  • Payment actions, i.e API calls, sending messages etc

Contact us for pricing

  • All premium features
  • Request custom features

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